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赵地, 博士




E-Mail: zhaodi at escience dot cn

Web: http://www.advancedcomputing.cn/

电话:  +86-10-58812138


Research Interests

Brain-Inspired Computing, Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, GPU Computing


Education & Employment

副研究员 中科院cnic,2015年1月至2018年1月
Postdoc Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, The Ohio State University, June 2012-December 2014 link


Department of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University Medical Center, October 2010-January 2012

Ph.D. Program in Computational Analysis and Modeling, Louisiana Tech University, September 2005-May 2010
Dissertation: Accurate and Stable Numerical Methods for Solving Micro Heat Transfer Models in an N-carrier System in Spherical Coordinates.  pdf


Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, China Agricultural University, September 2001-July 2004  Thesis: The Study of Cadmium-Arsenic Interaction in Wheat.  link


Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Hunan Agricultural University, September 1996-June 2000



2 2014 Finalist (top 5) the Nvidia Tegra K1 CUDA Vision Challenge 2014-2015
1 2013 Finalist (top 7) Finalist as a member of the team KSpaceCadets, 2013 ISMRM Challenge


Editorial Board

Section Editor Annals of Multicore and GPU Programming;


Academic Membership

8 至2018年12月 委员 中国医疗器械行业协会医疗人工智能专委会
7 2017年11月至2020年11月 副主任委员 中国医学装备协会超声装备技术分会大数据与人工智能专委会
6 2017年8月至2022年8月 第一届会员 北京神经变性病学会
5 2017年8月 委员 广东省精准医学应用学会肝病分会第一届委员会
4 2017年8月 委员 中国图象图形学学会视觉大数据专业委员会
3 2017年6月 委员 中国人工智能产业创新联盟专家委员会
2 2016年12月 委员 中国医学装备协会智能装备技术分会
1 2015年10月至2020年10月 委员 中国研究型医院学会移动医疗专业委员会



7 国家重点研发计划,基于器官损伤分层管理乙肝相关中末期肝病的临床研究,2018年1月至2020年12月,110万/1430万。 参与
6 首都医科大学重点实验室,基于PET 的AD 早期智能诊断模型研究,2017年5月 - 2019年5月,10万/10万。 主持
5 轻度认知障碍智能诊断模型研究,北京市科技计划课题,2017年1月至2019年12月,100万/240万。 参与
4 视觉动态认知机理及物体识别技术研究, 北京市科技计划课题, 2016年3月至2018年9月,50万/300万。 参与
3 基于MRI图像大数据分析的老年退行性疾病早期预警算法及标示物发现, 北京市自然科学基金, 2016年1月至2019年12月,32.5万/65万。 主持
2 机器学习平台, 中科院cnic主任基金, CNIC_ZR_201502,  2015年9月至2016年8月,  25万/30万。 主持
1 百人计划,中国科学院cnic,2015年1月至2018年1月,260万/260万 主持


Journal Papers  *corresponding author

  Bo Hu, Lin-Feng Yan, Yang Yang, Song-Lin Yan, Xin Zhang, Qian Sun, Ying Yu, Jin Zhang,Yu-Chuan Hu, Hai-Yan Nan, Cui Yue, Gang Xiao, Yu Han, Ying-Zhi Sun, Qiang Tian, Dong-Liang chen, Xiang-Wei Ge, Guang-Bin Cui*, Di Zhao*, and Wen Wang*, MRI discrepancies between prostate peripheral zone cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia contribute to classifying prostate TZ cancer from BPH: a deep transfer learning study, Nature Communication, Submitted;
  Jiahui Zhang, Xiong Han*, Di Zhao, Na Wang, Ting Zhao, Guinv He, Xuerui Zhu, Ying Zhang, Jiuyan Han, Dianling Huang, SVM-based personalized prediction model for seizure-free epilepsy with levetiracetam therapy, British Journal of Pharmacology, submitted;
23 陈思文,刘玉江,刘冬,苏晨,赵地*,钱林学*,迟学斌,基于AlexNet模型和自适应对比度增强(ACE)的乳腺结节超声图像的分类,计算机科学,已接收;
22 Tiechui Yao, Li Xiao, Di Zhao*, Yuzhong Sun, GPU Computing based Fast Discrete Wavelet Transform for l1-regularized SPIRiT Reconstruction, Imaging Science Journal, Accepted;
21 张巧丽,迟学斌,赵地,基于深度学习的帕金森病症早期诊断,计算机系统应用,已接收;
20 张泽中,高敬阳*,吕纲*,赵地*,基于深度学习的胃癌病理图像分类方法,计算机科学,已接收;
19 林溢星,赵地*,迟学斌,AzureOP:基于Windows Azure云并行计算的期权定价SaaS,计算机应用研究,已接收;
18 李丽玮,熊鸣,钱林学,赵地*,陈金军*,迟学斌,基于自适应对比度增强和深度CNN的脂肪肝B超影像诊断,计算机应用研究,已接收;
17 张巧丽,赵地*,迟学斌,基于深度学习的医学影像诊断综述,计算机科学,2017年11月;
16 吕鸿蒙,赵地*,迟学斌,基于增强AlexNet的深度学习的阿尔茨海默病的早期诊断,计算机科学,2017, Z6;pdf
15 王聪,张巧丽,赵地*,迟学斌,大脑听觉系统建模研究进展,计算机科学,2016,43(11A):1-15; pdf
14 Di Zhao*, Mobile GPU Computing Based Filter Bank Convolution for Three-dimensional Wavelet Transform, International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communications, 2016,7(2):22-35. link
13 Di Zhao*, Acceleration of Multi-chain Markov Chain Monte Carlo with Computationally Intensive Target Distribution by Lookup Table and GPU Computing, International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking, Accepted.
12 Di Zhao*, Haiwu He, DSMC3: Fast Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Solver for the Boltzmann Equation by Multi-Chain Markov Chain and Multicore Programming,  International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing, 2016,7(3):1650009. pdf
11 Di Zhao*, Fast Filter Bank Convolution for Three-dimensional Wavelet Transform by Shared Memory on Mobile GPU Computing, Journal of Supercomputing, 2015,71(9):3440-3455. pdf
10 Di Zhao*, Fast Finite Element Solver for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation by Parallel Gram-Schmidt Process based GMRES and HSS, Journal of Mathematical and Computational Science, 2015,5(3):280-296. pdf
9 Di Zhao*, Quick Triple Finite Volume Solver for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation by Parallel Gram-Schmidt Process based GMRES and HSS,  Engineering Computations, 2015,32(5):1460-1476. pdf
8 Di Zhao*, Jinhang Yu, High-efficient Solving Tridiagonal Systems by Chunked Cyclic Reduction and GPU Shared Memory, Journal of Supercomputing, 2015,71(2):369-390. pdf
7 Di Zhao*, High-accuracy Non-gradient Optimizer by Vectorized Iterative Discrete Approximation and Single GPU Computing,  International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking, 2015,8(4):301-314. pdf
6 Di Zhao*, Fast Solver for Interior Point Method of SVM Training by Parallel GMRES and HSS, International Journal of Computing, 2014,13(2):116-124.  pdf
5 Di Zhao*, High-accuracy Optimization by Parallel Iterative Discrete Approximation and GPU Cluster Computing, Journal of Software, 2014,9(9):2366-2377. pdf
4 Di Zhao*, Shenghua Ni,  Parallel Multi-proposal and Multi-chain Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Calculating P-value of Genome-Wide Association Studies, Parallel Processing Letters, 23(3),2013. EI pdf
3 Di Zhao, Chunhua Weng*, Combining PubMed knowledge and EHR data to develop a weighted bayesian network for pancreatic cancer prediction, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2011,44(5):859-868. SCI pdf
2 Di Zhao, Weizhong Dai*,  Accurate Finite Difference Schemes for Solving a 3D Heat Transfer Model in an N-Carrier System with Neumann Boundary Condition in Spherical Coordinates,  Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics,  2010,(235):850-869. SCI pdf
1 赵迪,夏立江,朱永官,植物络合素的测定方法,  生态学杂志,  2005,24(1),12~17. CSCD pdf


Conference Papers

2 姚铁锤,赵地,迟学斌,基于多GPU计算与卷积神经网络的阿尔茨海默症早期预警研究,HPC China 2017; pdf
1 Yongfei Zhu, Di Zhao, Wei Wang, Haiwu He*, A Novel Load Balancing Algorithm Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization in Cloud Computing Environment, International Conference on Human-Centered Computing (HCC 2016); pdf


Conference Posters

8 Yan Songlin, Zhang Qiaoli, Lin Yixing, Huang Dianling, Yao Tiechui, Liu Xiaoyan, Lian Tenghong, Zhao Di, Zhang Wei*, Multimodal Fusion and Multi-GPU Computing based Early-stage Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment, GPU Technology Conference 2018 (GTC 2018). pdf
7 Songlin Yan, Rui Chai, Yue Lin, Di Zhao*, Xuebin Chi, Multi-GPU Implementation for Automatic Segmentation of Brachial Plexus Ultrasonic Image, GPU Technology Conference 2017 (GTC 2017). pdf
6 Di Zhao, Jianbo Lei, GPU Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Carcinoma MRI Image Segmentation by cuDNN,  GPU Technology Conference 2015 (GTC 2015). pdf
5 Di Zhao, Yu Ding, Samuel Ting and Orlando Simonetti, Acceleration of l1−Regularization MRI Reconstruction by Lookup Table and GPU Shared Memory based DWT, GPU Technology Conference 2014, March 24-27 2014, San Jose California. pdf
4 Di Zhao, Woojae Kim, Mark A. Pitt,  GPU Acceleration of Optimal Design Selection in Laboratory Experiments in Cognitive Science,  GPU Technology Conference 2013, March 18-21, 2013, San Jose, California. pdf
3 Di Zhao,  Differential Equation Models for Gene Regulatory Network,  The 2010 Symposium of The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT,  June, 2010. pdf
2 Di Zhao,  Speed Up Genome-Wide Association Studies by Random Walk Algorithms,  Conference on Emerging Design and Analysis Issues in Genomic Studies in Population, Harvard University,  October, 2007. pdf
1 Di Zhao,  Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to Speed Up Interior Point Method of SVM Training,  Stanford 50: State of the Art and Future Directions of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Computing, Stanford University,  March, 2007. pdf


Conference Talks

  Di Zhao, Deep Learning-based Accelerated Analytics for Medical Imaging, GPU Technology Conference 2017 (GTC 2017). pdf
  Di Zhao, Enhancement Tegra Tablets’ Computational Performance by GeForce Desktops and Wifi, GPU Technology Conference 2014, March 24-27 2014, San Jose California. pdf
  Di Zhao,  Preconditioning GMRES(m) for Finite Volume Discretization of Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation by Hermitian/Skew-Hermitian Separation,  SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra 2009,  October, 2009. pdf
Session Chair for the session of Preconditioner.
  Di Zhao,  Acceleration of Hermitian/Skew-Hermitian Separation for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation by Parallel Gram-Schmidt Process of GMRES(m),  Fifth M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics - Focus: Advances in CFD,  June, 2009. pdf
  Di Zhao, Yongguan Zhu and Ralf Kneer,  Cadmium and Arsenate Uptake and Translocation within the Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.),  Third International Conference On Contaminants In The Soil Environment in the Australasia-Pacific Region,  2003. pdf



3 赵地、等,强化学习,译著,机械工业出版社;
2 赵地,加速MATLAB编程指南-CUDA实现,清华大学出版社,2018;
1 Xiaole Wen, Lijiang Xia*, Di Zhao,  City Landfill Leachate Effects on Groundwater Pollution, Water Saving Agriculture and Sustainable Use of Water and Land Resource Volume II,  Shanxi Science and Technology Press,  2002,977~983.  pdf



1 赵地,超级计算机中基于PCI Express总线的多GPU供电控制装置及方法,申请号:201510409049.7;


Popular Sciences

12 赵地,深度学习与医学影像分析,人工智能,2017;pdf
11 周宣汝,赵丽亚,赵地*,迟学斌,人工智能对科研信息化的推动作用,科研信息化技术与应用,2016,7(6):14-26; pdf
10 赵地,当脑科学研究“遭遇”未来机器人,机器人产业,2016,3,12-18。pdf
9 Di Zhao, Differential Equation Models for Systems Biology: A Survey. pdf
Di Zhao, Multi-GPU Acceleration of Black-Scholes Equation based Option Pricing. pdf
7 Di Zhao, HealthCloud: The Concept of Clinical Decision Support System based SaaS for Personal Health Record on the Cloud.
6 Di Zhao, Infection Algorithm: A Novel Algorithm for SVM Parameter Tuning Approaching Gene Expression Data.
5 Di Zhao, Combined of Independent Component Analysis And Support Vector Machines on Gene Expression Profile Classification of Lung Cancer.
4 Di Zhao, Solution of the Problem of Unbalance of Expression Profile Data using Asymmetrical Soft Margin SVM.
3 Di Zhao, Performance Enhancement of SVM-RFE with Soft Margin and Kernel Function.
2 Di Zhao, Gene Expression Profile Diagnostic Prediction of Lung Cancer with Support Vector Machines by Dimensional Reduction.
1 Di Zhao, Yongguan Zhu,  Determination Of Non-Protein Thiols by DTNB Spectrophotometer,  (in Chinese).